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MJH Commercial Property Developments – Company Profile

MJH Developments commercial properties are distinctive through their innovative designs, which offer a compelling combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality. The team takes into consideration the potential final functions of the properties at all stages of the design and development process, ensuring that each and every development meets the commercial requirements of the marketplace. Whether the property is designed for offices, manufacturing facilities, point-of-sale,
R & D or warehousing, you can be assured that it will be fit for purpose yet designed with inherent flexibility in mind to allow for the future.

MJH Developments hold in reserve a large number of quality commercial properties to facilitate occupation at short notice, allowing for a high level of flexibility. These properties are suitable for any size of company- from individual ‘start-up’ offices to organisational headquarters. Clients can choose to occupy a single office unit or a whole development and with accommodating terms this can be organised at short notice. Our portfolio provides details on a large number of available and previous commercial developments, all demonstrating MJH’s commitment to quality.

MJH also provide the additional option of maintenance and service contracts with all units, which will take care of the running of the property on a daily basis. These contracts can include provision for gardening, cleaning and maintenance, which can greatly reduce the inconvenience of owning or leasing a commercial property. This service ensures that your MJH Development property remains in the outstanding condition in which you receive it.